claris pro blue water filter

Jura Claris Pro Blue water filter

Fits X8 & XJ9

Official Jura product

Product code: FC001

The new protective formula in the Claris Pro Blue water filter was developed especially with modern automatic machines with a One-Touch Cappuccino function in mind. It contains a mineral which stabilises the calcium carbonate actively preventing the pipes from becoming blocked. As well as preventing scale, it also filters many other substances detrimental to flavour and aroma out of the water. Used correctly, CLARIS removes the need for descaling completely. Clean pipes, heating elements and a pump without calcium deposits extends the life of your automatic machine and help it to retain its value.

Only original CLARIS filter cartridges are matched precisely to JURA automatic machines in terms of composition and throughflow. Be sure to look out for the JURA seal of quality when buying filters. You will find this is well worthwhile!