Expobar Marfil Grinder

marfil grinder

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A quality grinder with high versatility which is very robust and fast. Thanks to its large dispenser you can have coffee, already ground, in large quantities whenever you need it. Available in grey ABS styling with the dispenser lever placed right or left.

Additional Information

Manual or automatic version
Free tamper included
Capacity: 2 kg bean hopper
Grinding capacity: 6 kilos per hour
Dimensions H 60cm x D 38cm x W 21cm

Expobar Mignon On Demand Grinder

mignon grinder

Professional features with no compromise. The Mignon on demand grinder is a fundamental partner to all Baristas who wish to satisfy their customers needs with a decaffeinated or gourmet coffee option. Despite its size, the Mignon guarantees the same grinding quality and features as all other professional grinders.

Additional Information

Grinding capacity: 3 kilos per hour
Dimensions H 32.5cm x D 16cm x W 15cm

Macap M42T Grinder

macap m42 grinder

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Perfectly suited for compact machines. Once switched on, the timer will grind for as long as chosen, so you can concentrate on your customers and return to fresh ground coffee.

Additional Information

Large 1kg hopper
Built-in tamper
58mm grinding blades
Weight 8.5kg
Dimensions H 50.5cm x D 31cm x W 19.5cm


Expobar Club Grinder

club grinder

A traditional espresso grinder with micrometric adjustment without stop points. Featuring automatic start-up every 6 doses and automatic stop when the doser is being filled.

Additional Information

Handmade hopper
Chrome metal body
Free tamper included
Grinding capacity: 6-9 kilos per hour
Dimensions H 56cm x D 33cm x W 21cm

Fiorenzato F64 EVO

fiorenzato f64 evo grinder

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The F64 EVO offers a smooth, superfast grind for demanding operating conditions. This tech-rich smartgrinder, which features a humidity indicator, comes with an in-built fan ensuring the blades are always running cool and the resulting grounds are at optimum consistency. With an aesthetic that oozes Italian class in a selection of stylish colours, your F64 EVO will undoubtedly pack a punch on any countertop and with low operating noise, will do without disturbance. Cut from heavy cast steel and with supremely durable parts, it’s a piece of kit that feels tough to the touch.

Additional Information

Large 1.5kg hopper
On demand dispensing
LCD display
64mm flat grinding blades
Weight 13kg
Dimensions H 61.5cm x D 27cm x W 23cm


Pulse High Speed On Demand Grinder

pulse 75 grinder

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Fitted with 65mm or 75mm Crem Tech designed flat burrs for high speed precision grinding and a low motor RPM of 1400 revs ensure less heat during the grinding action. Supplied fitted with micro metric adjustment without stop points and full motor raise/lower operation to ensure a perfect alignment of the burrs. Features a high resolution display with counters, hands-free operation, adjustable fork height and outlet for different portafilters. Finished in matt grey anthracite.

Additional Information

Aluminium body
Portafilter LED illumination
Hopper size 1.2kg
Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions H 56cm x D 26cm x W 22cm