With Moor Coffee you can purchase your coffee machine by either buying it outright or entering into a leasing contract for a fixed term. Alternatively, you can rent a coffee machine directly from us. We offer a range of leasing and rental contracts – from lease only to a fully-managed service which can often work out as the most effective financing solution.

Tax Benefits of Leasing
Leasing expenses are tax effective and could even meet the financial outlay, making it a very attractive option. Leasing rentals for a business are 100% tax allowable, which means that the cost of leasing can be offset against your pre-tax profits during a lease period. This is because lease payments qualify as direct operating expenses rather than a debt or outstanding liability which in turn reduces your short term taxable income. You can also reclaim the VAT on your monthly repayments (if you’re VAT registered) so this makes leasing a very attractive proposition for both large and small businesses, especially during a recession!

Advantages of leasing
Leasing can safeguard your liquidity by protecting capital and improving credit ratings. Buying a coffee machine outright can tie up a significant amount of capital, but by leasing you allow your money to go further and spread the cost of your equipment over its useful working life. By choosing to lease you can significantly reduce your initial outlay and expenditure.

What’s the difference between renting and leasing?
When you lease a coffee machine with Moor Coffee, you do so for a fixed period of time. You use the coffee machine as if it were yours, you make monthly payments and at the end of the lease you have the option to buy the coffee machine for a nominal fee-usually one extra months’ payment in most cases. Renting a coffee machine differs slightly in that you contract directly to us on variable terms.

Advantages of renting
Coffee machine rental offers several advantages:
• You choose the level of service you need.
• Your machine is professionally installed by us and all service, maintenance, parts and labour are included as standard. We offer barista training to ensure the coffee machine is being used correctly.
• You will streamline account management through predictable monthly instalments.
• You have freedom to upgrade machines as part of your rental deal.
• Coffee machines can be rented through short-term agreements, which is perfect for one-off
events or seasonal businesses where buying equipment would be too expensive.
• Protects liquidity and credit lines.

Advantages of buying your coffee machine
In some circumstances it makes sense to simply purchase your coffee machine outright. This is especially true if you don’t want to be tied into any contracts. An additional benefit of buying is that your machine becomes an asset. But beware, the advantages of purchasing may be outweighed by unavoidable servicing and maintenance costs which you will of course need to cover.