• Biepi MCE 2 Group Compact

Biepi MCE 2 Group Compact

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Biepi MCE 2 Group Compact: Compact Excellence in Espresso Brewing

Introducing the Biepi MCE 2 Group Compact Espresso Machine, an epitome of professional coffee brewing encapsulated in a space-efficient design. This machine is perfectly tailored for small cafes and restaurants where space is at a premium, yet the demand for high-quality coffee is paramount.

Key Features – Biepi MCE 2 Group Compact:

  • Specifically designed for limited spaces, it effortlessly fits into small cafes and restaurants.
  • Automatic 2-group operation ensures efficient coffee serving, while the easy-to-use control panel adds to its convenience.
  • Each brewing group is enhanced by a thermosiphon heating system, ensuring optimal coffee extraction.
  • Boasts a 6-litre boiler capacity, more than capable of meeting high demands.
  • Control panel with four programmable doses, allowing customization for various coffee preferences.
  • Features dual steam arms and an electronic hot water dispenser, increasing its versatility.
  • Innovative technology guarantees the perfect temperature for each independent brewing group.
  • Optimum ergonomics with angled portafilter grips facilitate comfortable and efficient operation.
  • Includes a ‘Cleaning cycle’ feature for effortless maintenance at the touch of a button.
  • Removable cup stands offer versatility to accommodate different cup sizes.
  • High group design suitable for both Espresso and Latte cups, broadening its utility.

Advanced Design for Optimal Performance

Moreover, the Biepi MCE 2 Group Compact Espresso Machine is not only functionally superior but also aesthetically pleasing. It features a sleek stainless steel body with either black or white side panels, adding a touch of elegance to any setting. In addition, the 3M™ DI-NOC Dry Wood Matte finish ensures excellent resistance to stains, abrasion, wear and tear, and mould, thereby guaranteeing durability and longevity.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly

Furthermore, this espresso machine is designed with the user in mind. The angled portafilter grips provide comfortable handling, making it easier for baristas to craft perfect coffees every time. Subsequently, the simple and intuitive control panel, equipped with programmable options, ensures that every coffee brewed meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

Efficient Operation and Easy Maintenance

Lastly, the Biepi MCE 2 Group Compact Espresso Machine is remarkably easy to install and maintain. Its cleaning cycle feature significantly simplifies the maintenance process, ensuring that the machine continues to operate efficiently over time. Not only does this feature save time, but it also ensures the longevity and reliability of the machine, making it an invaluable asset for any coffee-serving establishment.

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Black Stainless, White Stainless


FREE 3kg Moor 4 Espresso Beans

Warranty on parts/labour

FREE 12 months

Filter Package

Yes +97.00+VAT (IEN 3000 water filter + Filter Head + PLV Reducer), No

Installation (includes training)

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