• Cafiza E31 Cleaning Tablets (100)

Cafiza E31 Cleaning Tablets (100)

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Cafiza E31 Cleaning Tablets: Ultimate Espresso Machine Care

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your espresso machines with Cafiza E31 Cleaning Tablets. Specifically designed for espresso machines, these tablets are essential for maintaining cleanliness and functionality. Moreover, they are suitable for both superautomatic and traditional espresso machines.

Key Features – Cafiza E31 Cleaning Tablets:

  • Each tablet weighs 2.0g and is 15mm in diameter, making them perfectly sized for standard machines
  • Comes in a 100 tablet jar, providing a substantial supply for regular maintenance
  • NSF certified and Kosher (pareve), ensuring safety and quality
  • Effectively removes coffee oils and residue, thereby enhancing machine performance
  • Universally compatible with a range of espresso machines, including household and commercial models
  • Can also be used for making soaking solutions to clean various machine components

Efficient and Easy to Use

The Cafiza E31 tablets make cleaning your espresso machine straightforward. Simply insert a blind filter in your portafilter, add one Cafiza tablet, and initiate the cleaning process. Consequently, this hassle-free method keeps your machine in optimal condition, ensuring the best coffee flavours. Additionally, the process is quick, allowing for minimal downtime.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

Beyond regular machine maintenance, these tablets can also be used to create soaking solutions. This versatility allows for deep cleaning of portafilters, baskets, screens, and other parts, ensuring every component remains residue-free and functional. Furthermore, the soaking process is effective in removing stubborn residues.

Suitable for Various Machine Types

Whether you have a superautomatic or a traditional espresso machine, Cafiza E31 tablets are designed to be universally compatible. Moreover, this wide-ranging suitability makes them an ideal choice for both home and commercial settings, ensuring comprehensive care for any type of espresso machine. Importantly, their ease of use makes them accessible to all users.

Safety and Quality Assured

With NSF certification and Kosher (pareve) approval, these cleaning tablets meet high safety and quality standards. Trust Cafiza E31 to maintain your espresso machine without compromising on health and safety standards. In conclusion, they are a reliable and effective solution for espresso machine maintenance. Ultimately, these tablets represent an indispensable tool for any coffee aficionado or professional barista.

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