• JURA 3 Phase Cleaning Tablets

JURA 3 Phase Cleaning Tablets (25)

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JURA 3 Phase Cleaning Tablets: Top Coffee Quality

Explore the best in coffee machine care with JURA 3 Phase Cleaning Tablets. Uniquely crafted to clean, care for, and guard your JURA automatic coffee machine, these tablets ensure top-notch coffee with each use. Additionally, they’re easy to use, making them an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Key Benefits – JURA 3 Phase Cleaning Tablets:

  • Strongly removes coffee oils and residues
  • Guards against mineral build-up
  • Eco-friendly, phosphate-free composition
  • Suits all JURA Coffee Machines
  • Pack of 25 tablets (Article No 25045)

Innovative 3-Phase Technology

Firstly, the JURA Tablets begin by cleaning brewing units at 80°C, effectively removing coffee fats. Next, in the second phase, they form a protective layer to stop residue. Lastly, in the third phase, they guard against mineral deposits, extending machine life and consistently maintaining coffee quality.

Simple and Effective

These tablets are remarkably easy to use, starting with just a button press and seamlessly blending into your coffee routine. Furthermore, their eco-friendly makeup aligns with JURA’s commitment to green practices, ensuring clean and sustainable coffee enjoyment.

Eco-Smart and Lasting

Focusing on eco-friendly practices, JURA’s tablets are thoughtfully eco-designed. They not only clean effectively but also help in preserving the planet. Thus, using them means you are taking a step towards caring for both your coffee machine and the environment.