• Biepi Uptown 2 Group Espresso Machine

Biepi Uptown 2 Group

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Biepi Uptown 2 Group: A Fusion of Elegance and Efficiency

Introducing the Biepi Uptown 2 Group Espresso Machine, the latest innovation in coffee brewing technology. This machine is a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and high functionality, tailored for the discerning barista and coffee enthusiast.

Unparalleled Features – Biepi Uptown 2 Group:

  • Boasts an automatic 2-group operation, optimised for producing barista-quality espresso consistently.
  • The LED touch screen facilitates easy adjustment of brew groups and boiler temperatures, enhancing user convenience.
  • Moreover, it comes with a 12-litre boiler, ensuring ample capacity for busy cafes.
  • Additionally, the machine is equipped with dual steam arms and a high-rise capacity, perfect for take-away coffee.
  • Furthermore, the energy-saving ECO setting contributes to significant energy efficiency, thanks to the insulated boiler.
  • Also, the machine features an adjustable tray for both traditional and tall cups.
  • It includes a programmable pre-infusion feature, allowing for a customised brewing experience.
  • The cool touch steam wands ensure safety during operation.
  • Not to mention, it boasts a thermosyphon system for stable temperature management.
  • An intuitive control panel simplifies the brewing process, while the angled portafilter grips provide optimum ergonomics.
  • In addition, the machine has fast-opening steam knobs for efficient operation.
  • The electronic setting of the boiler temperature ensures precision in every brew.
  • Finally, the machine includes a shot timer display, enhancing the accuracy of espresso extraction.

Energy Efficiency and User Safety

The Biepi Uptown 2 Group stands out for its commitment to energy efficiency and user safety. The ECO setting and cool touch features not only reduce operational costs but also ensure a safer brewing environment.

Ease of Use and Ergonomic Design

In conclusion, the Biepi Uptown 2 Group Espresso Machine is a testament to user-friendly design and ergonomic efficiency. Its comprehensive feature set makes it an ideal choice for high-volume, quality-focused coffee establishments.

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