• Biepi MC-E PRO 2 Group

Biepi MC-E PRO 2 Group

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Biepi MC-E PRO 2 Group: Espresso Excellence Redefined

Meet the Biepi MC-E PRO 2 Group Espresso Machine. This machine stands out as a fusion of the latest technology and a minimalist, yet striking design. Importantly, it’s the perfect choice for coffee lovers and professionals who demand top-notch performance and style.

Main Features – Biepi MC-E PRO 2 Group:

  • Boasts an automatic 2-group operation, delivering efficient and consistent coffee brewing.
  • Moreover, it comes with a microprocessor. This feature makes programming coffee and hot water doses easy, ensuring precision and customisation.
  • Includes LED downlighting to add a modern feel and better visibility.
  • Also, it offers a two-tone design for personalisation, fitting any classic or modern environment.
  • Has user-friendly, soft touch buttons that control programmable group heads.
  • Features dual steam arms. They boost efficiency and versatility in milk frothing.
  • Furthermore, provides an electronic hot water dispenser for fast and easy hot water access.
  • Shows an intuitive touch screen display. This display simplifies adjusting settings like boiler temperature and espresso shot time.
  • Contains a large 12-litre boiler, ideal for handling high demand.
  • Similarly, it sports a stylish LED display, offering a modern look and clear information.
  • Exhibits a minimalist design full of character, making it stand out in any space.
  • Additionally, is available in Total Black or optional Total White, giving you aesthetic options.
  • Features high groups, accommodating takeaway cups, perfect for bustling cafes and take-out services.
  • Consequently, includes a digital display with numerous functions, providing detailed feedback for perfect brewing.

Design and Functionality Combined

The Biepi MC-E PRO 2 Group goes beyond just looking great. It combines a minimalist look with useful features like dual steam arms and an electronic hot water dispenser. These features make coffee preparation both efficient and easy.

Advanced Technology for Perfect Coffee

Furthermore, the machine also boasts advanced technology. Its touch screen display lets you precisely control every coffee brewing aspect, making sure every cup is just right.

Easy to Customise and Use

In conclusion, the Biepi MC-E PRO 2 Group Espresso Machine is all about easy customisation and use. Its many options, along with a user-friendly interface, suit both new and experienced baristas. The machine’s design fits various cup sizes, including takeaway cups, making it great for different settings.

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Filter Package

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