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Expobar Eclipse 3 Group

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Expobar Eclipse 3 Group: A Symphony of Espresso Excellence

Introducing the Expobar Eclipse 3 Group Espresso Machine, which epitomises versatility and professionalism in espresso making. Celebrated for its attractive design and superior functionality, this machine is perfect for diverse settings, ranging from quaint cafés to large coffee shop chains.

Innovative Features – Expobar Eclipse 3 Group:

  • Customisable Design: Offers an extensive range of customisation options, both external and technical. This flexibility allows seamless integration into any business aesthetic, thereby enhancing brand identity.
  • High Group Configuration: Accommodates larger cups, ideal for various serving sizes. The design focuses on ergonomics and user experience, substantially enhancing barista workflow.
  • Advanced Technology: Includes high group, shot timers, cool touch steam arms, and dual pressure gauge. Furthermore, barista lights significantly enhance the brewing experience.
  • Powerful Boiler: A 17.5-litre boiler effortlessly handles high demand. Also, its copper composition ensures consistent performance and durability over time.
  • Efficient Operation: Automatic boiler filling and powerful heating elements ensure rapid and effective heating, essential in high-traffic environments.
  • Enhanced Steam Control: Dual steam outlets and pressure gauges provide superior control, crucially improving milk texturing capabilities.
  • Custom Panel Options: Custom painted panels are available, perfectly aligning the machine with specific business branding or colour preferences.

Tailored to Your Business Needs

The Expobar Eclipse 3 Group is specifically designed to cater to a variety of environments. Its adaptability ensures it fits seamlessly into any business model, from bustling coffee chains to intimate cafés, thus offering unparalleled versatility.

Unparalleled Espresso Quality

Equipped with advanced features and customisable options, the Expobar Eclipse 3 Group consistently delivers unmatched quality in every cup. As such, it is the ideal choice for businesses aiming for espresso excellence and distinctive style.

Elevating the Coffee Experience

Finally, the Expobar Eclipse 3 Group stands as a testament to the art of coffee making. It not only meets but surpasses the high demands of modern coffee establishments, simultaneously elevating the coffee experience for baristas and customers alike. With its combination of technological innovation, customisable features, and robust construction, this espresso machine is an indispensable asset for any establishment that prides itself on serving exceptional coffee.

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Black side panel (can be customised)


FREE 3kg Moor 4 Espresso Beans

Warranty on parts/labour

FREE 12 months

Filter Package

Yes +97.00+VAT (IEN 3000 water filter + Filter Head + PLV Reducer), No

Installation (includes training)

Yes +£250+VAT, No