• Fiorenzato F64 Evo Grinder

Fiorenzato F64 Evo Grinder

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Fiorenzato F64 Evo Grinder:
A Pulse of Perfection in Every Grind

Indulge in the epitome of fine grinding with the Fiorenzato F64 Evo Grinder. This remarkable grinder is designed for those with a discerning taste for coffee, perfectly suited for bustling cafes and demanding coffee connoisseurs.

Key Features – Fiorenzato F64 Evo:

  • 64mm flat grinding burrs
  • Continuous micrometric grinding adjustment
  • 2.5 kg hopper capacity
  • Touchscreen display for intuitive control
  • Three programmable dosing levels
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Fast maintenance for minimal downtime
  • Sturdy die-cast aluminium body ensuring long-term durability

Sophisticated and Robust Design

The Fiorenzato F64 Evo showcases a sophisticated design coupled with a robust construction. Its sleek appearance complements any professional setting, thereby making it a premium choice for modern cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, the die-cast aluminium body not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures long-term durability and minimal maintenance.

Tailored for Premium Cafe Settings

Crafted for high-demand scenarios, this grinder is ideal for establishments that require a reliable and efficient grinding solution. Moreover, the user-friendly touchscreen ensures smooth operation even during peak hours, significantly reducing waiting times and enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, the fast maintenance feature is a testament to its design, aimed at minimizing downtime and maintaining a steady workflow.

Precise and Consistent Grinding

With continuous micrometric grinding adjustment, this machine allows for precise control over the grind size, thereby enabling a consistent brewing experience. Consequently, this level of precision ensures satisfaction for a broad spectrum of coffee lovers, from espresso aficionados to French press enthusiasts. Furthermore, the stepless grind adjustment feature is a game-changer, offering virtually limitless grind settings to cater to every brewing method.

Elevate Your Grinding Experience

Invest in the Fiorenzato F64 Evo to elevate your grinding experience to a professional level. Not only does it have a plethora of features, but its user-friendly interface also ensures that achieving the perfect grind in a high-demand environment is a breeze. Therefore, it’s an investment worth considering for any premium cafe setting. Additionally, the programmable dosing levels contribute to efficient operation, significantly reducing waste and ensuring a high level of consistency in every cup.