• Jura Cashless Compact Payment Box

Jura Cashless Compact Payment Box

£995.00 excl. VAT


Jura Cashless Compact Payment Box: The Future of Coffee Purchasing

The Jura Cashless Compact Payment Box is a modern solution for self-serve coffee machines. With fewer people carrying cash, this box makes coffee purchases simple in any setting. Moreover, it’s compatible with all Professional GIGA machines, offering a seamless integration.

Key Features – Jura Cashless Compact Payment Box:

  • Supports magnetic swipe, contact, and contactless payments
  • Easy to install with lockable security
  • Compatible with Jura’s automatic machines
  • Communicates with the coffee machine for user interaction
  • Real-time alerts and reports via Nayax system

Convenience and Security Combined

The Jura Cashless Box is not only quick and convenient but also secure. It allows various payment methods, adapting to customer preferences. Furthermore, its MDB interface can be tailored to specific requirements. Additionally, it boasts easy installation and a lockable front panel for theft protection.

Smart Management and Communication

This payment box keeps track of operations and allows easy management of prices and products. Moreover, when connected to the Nayax system, it provides real-time alerts and usage reports. Consequently, it simplifies coffee service management, enhancing the customer experience.