• JURA CLARIS Pro Smart Water Filter

JURA CLARIS Pro Smart Water Filter

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JURA CLARIS Pro Smart Water Filter: Advanced Purification for Superior Coffee

The JURA CLARIS Pro Smart Water Filter revolutionises the water filtration process, crucial for achieving the highest quality coffee. Coffee being 98% water, the purity of water plays a pivotal role. This advanced filter system enhances both the protection and longevity of your coffee machine while ensuring the water is of the highest quality for coffee brewing.

Key Features – JURA CLARIS Pro Smart:

  • Ensures high-quality water, crucial for superior coffee aroma and taste
  • Special capsule at the filter base to reduce limescale deposits
  • Natural movement of water through the capsule for optimal stabilisation
  • RFID technology for automatic filter recognition and mode activation
  • Alerts the user when the filter needs replacing for maximum effectiveness
  • Filters precisely the required amount of water for each coffee preparation
  • Suitable for mains water worldwide, filters harmful substances and retains essential minerals

Innovative Technology for Optimal Results

The CLARIS Pro Smart+ leverages advanced technology, including a capsule with natural active ingredients for water stabilisation. This innovative approach ensures less limescale and maximum cleanliness in the water tank. Furthermore, the integration of RFID technology simplifies filter usage, continually collecting information about filter use and signalling when a change is necessary.

Health and Flavour Preservation

This filter is not just about purification; it’s also about enhancing the coffee experience. By filtering out harmful substances while retaining important minerals, it ensures that the water contributes positively to the coffee’s flavour. Thus, each cup of coffee made with water from this filter promises a pure, flavourful experience.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Designed for user convenience, the JURA CLARIS Pro Smart Water Filter offers easy maintenance and ensures optimum hygiene. The automatic recognition and alert system for filter replacement add to the hassle-free experience, making it an ideal choice for busy environments and coffee aficionados alike.