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Rinza Liquid Cappuccino Cleaner

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Rinza Liquid Cappuccino Cleaner: Advanced Milk System Maintenance

Revolutionize the cleaning process of your coffee equipment with Rinza Liquid Cappuccino Cleaner. Specially formulated for milk systems, Rinza ensures the removal of mineral buildup, milk protein, and calcium deposits, ensuring the best performance of your machines.

Key Features – Rinza Liquid Cappuccino Cleaner:

  • Effectively removes mineral buildup and calcium deposits from milk steaming and frothing
  • Designed for use on autofrothers, steam wands, and frothing pitchers
  • Comes in a dual-chamber 1-liter bottle with a built-in measuring device
  • Delivers over 30 uses per bottle, providing great value
  • Easy dilution ratio of 30 mL of Rinza per 500 mL of water for convenient application
  • Breaks down milk protein and fat for thorough cleaning

Effortless Application and Use

Using Rinza Liquid Cappuccino Cleaner is both easy and efficient. Simply loosen the cap, squeeze the bottle to fill the dosing chamber, and mix with cold water. This process ensures precise and effective cleaning with minimal effort, making it ideal for busy coffee shops and enthusiasts alike.

Versatile and Comprehensive Cleaning

Moreover, Rinza Liquid is not just limited to cappuccino machines. It’s equally effective on a variety of milk systems, including automatic milk frothers, manual steam wands, and steel pitchers. This versatility makes it a must-have for maintaining a wide range of coffee and espresso equipment.

Integral to Daily Cleaning Regimens

Furthermore, Rinza Liquid plays a crucial role in the daily cleaning regimen of coffee machines. Its ability to easily remove milk residue that can build up on steam wands, valves, and tubes makes it an integral part of machine maintenance, thus prolonging the life and efficiency of your equipment.

Safe and Effective for Regular Use

Lastly, Rinza Liquid’s formula is not only highly effective but also safe for regular use, ensuring your coffee equipment is always in its best condition. Consequently, its use results in a more hygienic and efficient operation of your coffee machines.

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